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The University of Alberta was looking for an automated process to neutralize chemicals in their Research and Development lab before disposal. The process had to be fast due to the amount of fluids consumed throughout the day.

Working with various groups and disciplines which included Control Freaks Automation, a process and sequence was derived in order to meet and satisfied the University’s criteria.

Genesis Control Systems developed the software and incorporated a single controller which allows the system to continuously monitor the ph levels and make decisions instantly on whether to dispense an acidic or base solvent to maintain an acceptable ph level that is safe for disposal.

With the use of level sensors in each tank, limits are set for how much fluid can be in each tank for each part of the process. This provides a consistent reaction time for the process.

By eliminating the need for manual intervention, the health and safety risks are minimal

           “One controller monitors and controls two treatment systems.”

University of Alberta

Alco has developed a fully automated pipe “make and break” tool for drilling rigs called a Smart Roughneck System. This tool is used to mitigate the high risk hazards of using chains and tongs and reduces the amount of personals on the rig floor when “tripping” drill pipe. The touchscreen interface allows the operator to perform the following two sequences:

  • Trip-In
    • Travel to well center
    • Spin the pipe connections together
    • Torque  the pipe connection to a preset value
    • Travel back to home/park position
  • Trip-Out
    • Travel to well center
    • Break the pipe connection
    • Spin the pipe connections apart
    • Travel back to home/park position

Both sequences can be performed automatically or by manual overrides for the operator.

Genesis Control Systems provides technical support for this product. Support ranging from service calls, onsite support, and online remote access to units that are overseas. A clear understanding that downtime can be very expensive and detrimental to the operation. Therefore, fast and reliable support is needed not only at the point of sale, but throughout the life of the product.

Also, different customers require slightly different functionality of the unit or new design changes occur that may require changes to programming, interface and/or electrical. Genesis Control Systems also provides solutions or options to implement changes.

Alco Inc.

Redco Equipment Sales Ltd. is a leading oil and gas equipment provider that has developed an auger delivery ball launcher system for fracking. By loading and launching specific size frack balls, downhole tools can be activated at certain stages.

Genesis Control Systems provided the hardware, installation, as well as the software and support for the control interface for the ball launcher system. The software was developed to control and simultaneously record specific activities and information such as:

  • well location(s)
  • real-time notations input from the operator
  • operator identification
  • date and time of function
  • ball size, position of ball, and hub loaded
  • ball size, position of ball, and hub launched
  • internal pressure

There is a mandatory loading and launching protocol. Since the execution is critical and can be very costly if mistakes are made, a confirmation from two individual users is required as a safeguard to reduce the risk of accidental loading and launching of incorrect frack balls. Both sequences require a user customized credential to be entered before proceeding.

The interface also includes notifications of operational components for knowledge and troubleshooting, zero positioning of the auger, clean out cycle, USB download of the report, and other features to make the interface versatile to the operation and users.

“All functions are seamless, intuitive, incorporate multiple protocols, and are recorded to ensure the utmost integrity of the system.”

Redco Equipment Sales Ltd.